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ascii magazine office tour - danny choo

ascii is one  of the most popular technology and computing lifestyle journals in Japan today, publishing articles annually with topics from gadgets, to accessories even in dollfies.

as danny said in post, ascii office is always busy and kinda bit stacked up but the people here have time to get along their otaku passions, ascii also has tie-ups with several companies also in the anime industry such as konami, ban dai and so.

I've gotta admit people in japan are always busy; so far the desk that i've seen really organized is danny's

 anyways, moving on to this article; here's some more shot of  ascii employees desks:

it's so stacked up; but I gotta admit I like this kind of desks!!

wow! a soldering kit included in this desk its really very practical!

really the owner of this desk really deserves my compliments..

a really good stack of tamiya and other brand of models really very astounding!

figmas in their boxes waiting for we don't know maybe an article review..
Ascii really gets their work done, those desks remind me of my kuzin's bedroom when she's doing her review for the nursing board, shizz.. busy people always some times forget to organize... x)

anyways, you can see more of danny posts here

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