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Graduation Time...

during the closing days of march, there numerous educational institutions are going into graduation mode..

Ive been very busy for a while, preoccupying myself, coz many of my families and fwends are graduating.. 

Yes! its graduation season since last weeks of march and first week of April, going into the holy week, here's some things you don't wanna  miss... graduation time, last march 30, to april 1 I was kinda busy and preoccupied helping out closeness pipol in their graduation..

here are some pics  I got from all levels, both public and private institutions ;

this shot is what comrade lenka got during a friend's son graduation in mansilingan..

Phew! good thing there is a slight deviation from the mother... XD

Oh com'on! high schoolers in bacorod is getting kawaii-er and kawaii-er!

High School:

I'm not sure if this girls are ready for the place called "college"

well not only parents are proud; also the teachers as well..

her family must be very proud of her...

wata catch!
both parents and teachers are proud and happy seeing this individuals leaving the portals of their institutions and going into the unknown.. 
well all I can say to all my comrades and my fwends just happy graduation and congratulations to batch 2010 

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