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yet another Bacolod Otaku! - Kaze Kai

A sample of some of her artworks, Kaze Kai is one of the natural born talented otakus in Bacolod 

Kai said she is not that good yet in her drawing skills, she still spins off with nendo-style characters but I urged her to find ways to improve her style to jap-standards, with more mature looking characters, but she is not yet ready to do it, i'm also urging her to buy some training materials and some guides to improve her style..

Just like when you think your the only one unique in Bacolod.. Think again.. according to one of my comrades here who met her and saw her works, said she is awesome and very cute with her works.  she is also my dvojurodnaja sestra and a comrade in arms,  she wanted to hide her identity as of now, but she is kind  a known person in the otaku community in Bacolod and she has many friends especailly in the cosplay community in Bacolod, especially tinta productions. meet my cousin; Kaze kai

she would like to hide her identity as of now, but a clue she is a nursing student here in one of the most largest university in bacolod. 

she came to the duma, because of good favor and as a token of  thanksgiving for helping me out in a school project last year she was in need of doing her school projects because she graduating this march, she needed a computer for her research report and finalizing her nursing requirements.

I was down the garage doing some dirty work while I left her doing the work on the desktop, whoosh.. I just be careful with my kuzen because when she she's glued to the monitor, she has a very volatile attitude, one time I tried to slip her attention form her "tripping" I was almost scathed of my clothes...   she has so many out of this world concepts which include "magic torons", "her crazy principles" and so many things... 

one thing that amazes me of my kuzin is her tsundere-ness, although she's very serious at times and when whatever hits her she mellows sometimes, my golly gosh, she's a real tsundere..

a gifted individual, and a good novel writer and a beginner manga artist, she specializes mostly in nendo-style mangas and artworks, she literraly sometimes get a good sermon from me to update her drawing styles.

I was Able to take a peek at her works; which  I was some kind of  like "not so my type" but I gotta admit for a starter she is kind of good here are some of her works its up to you to judge her;

anyways i'll be getting permissions from kai to have it posted here in my blog, 

if your interested to meet her here are some of her basic info: 

Alias: Kaze Kai
Age: 20
elementary: ETCS
high school: NOHS'06
tertiary: nursing student, USLS

skills: usually, her otaku skills are still in the Basic modes, but she is

- kaze kai is contingent of a guild of some unique persons in USLS,
- Tinta Prodcuctions

on FB and FS profiles:

sorry guys, because of a complicated problem with a known member in the otaku community; "pink_d" she is on a "media blackout" when it comes to her facebook and friendster profiles, well if possible just go to USLS if you wanna meet her, and or just contact me thru my email, to arrange a "convention" with her..;)

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