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The Colegio San Agustin College girl

Female uniforms available for girls in Colegio San Agustin bacolod

Colegio San Agustin Bacolod is one of the premier colleges today in bacolod city and has numerous graduates in every field of profession. "san-ag girl" is the most popular slang for girls coming from this college, typical CSA-B girls have the most normal attitude every bacolod college girl has, they have the same similarities to the USLS college girl but to the more less extent. well here are some examples of female uniforms available for CSA-B college girls:

Old Uniform

The old uniform of CSA-B has been implemented since the 1970's and the surviving design is said to be since 1978, it composes of a checkered patterned skirt of knee-length and  a white blouse, and accented by the same patterned fabric as that used in the skirt, in the side pockets, a matching scarf of the same pattern of fabric is also included, while other san-ag girls prefer not to wear one. the footwear includes either mid-heels and high heel shoes for this kind of uniform. the blouse's fabric can either be oxford or katrina, or a more higher grade of tateron fabric is used, this kind of tateron is more heavier than that used by CHMSC girls.
the old uniform is still being used by some students and is optional among each girls, depending on the college department, each has their own schedules in wearing the old and new uniforms, while other college departments are allowing their students to wear which uniform they prefer.

New Uniform

the new uniform was implemented in school year of 2003, its intended to streamline the female image of  girls of the school, the new school uniform was a drastic redesign of the old version which lasted for almost half a decade, the new design was composed of a cream colored blouse (much like similar to the USLS blouse), a maroon slacks and scarf or tie similar to the fabric used on the skirt, the scarf's length can range from 1 to 3 meters long depending on the girl's preference.  the blouse uses katrina, while the slacks uses oxford. the most common footwear used with the new uniform is either penny loafers, pumps and pedals, high heels are also advisable if the girl if the girl wants more fashion...

as said before, some departments in the college of CSA-B do not implement strict rules in wearing this uniforms, san-ag girls have all the freedom to wear either old or new uniform designs.. well here's the result;

old + new = kawaii!

don't even dream or think of what you will from below those...

san-ag girls with their male classmates

too kawaii for you to handle..

 here, po ~tsu chari ketsujō gives a more detailed look of the old uniform's scarf..

some cute san-ag girls showing us more detailative look of  tie included in the new uniform

Other types of CSA-B uniforms

the ever-popular t-shirt of the college nursing which the design has never changed since 2003. 

duty and field uniform for the college of nursing

scrub suits for nursing students.

so much for CSA-B female uniforms, see you in the next college! :)

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