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replacement motherboards for socket 478 processors

An Asus P4P800SE motherboard for socket 478

Pentium 4, Celeron, Celeron D, Pentium D, P4 HT owners using socket 478 here in Bacolod don't demise! the socket 478 is still continuing its popularity among owners who can't afford to buy newer systems and or stay in a tight budget. manufacturers around the globe still accept the potential of the socket 478 on the market and the socket 478 is still the best choice amongst most budget users,  and a large surplus stock of socket 478 processors are still roaming the market. to asses this some manufacturers have retained their socket 478 lineup and even made newer replacement boards for socket 478 processors,

here at the duma, we were able to replace our old motherboard from one of the desktops with an intel socket 478 board, which still is on the market and costs about P2500, but ours is a genuine intel and may cost at about P3000 or higher.. it has only 1 SATA connector, AGP8x slot and 2 PCI slots, and supports DDR 400 and DDR2 ram. it uses an onbaord intel extreme graphics chipset clocked at 94Mb and an intigrated realtek AC97 chipset for audio. as I have been roaming around town, the board is available in MF computer solutions in front of La Salle. if ur interested or you busted your old socket 478 board try visiting them..

here are some more replacement motherboards you may try,  I still can't rely on the net for prices as individual prices of the boards can change from one retailer to another. AGP 8X is still popular and graphics card manufacturers still produces video cards with AGP 8x slots, but there are some manufacturers who have integrated PCI-E into socket 478 boards.

gigabyte 8S661FXMP-RZ, ECS Elitegroup 661GX/800-M, and gigabyte GA-8VM800-M

Gigabyte's 8S661FXMP-RZ uses a traditional layout, but has all the latest features available, such as SATA, AGP 8x and other modern interfaces.

Asus P4P800SE so far is the most tried tested and durtable replacement board on the market. it has all the latest interface features except for PCI-E. 

Biostar has the P4M900-M4 and is equipped all the latest interface and supports PCI-E cards, 

to all socket 478 users here in Bacolod, don't lose hope, socket 478 stood the test of time!

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