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Red Horse; one of a Dalaga's best friend...

some girls here in Bacolod couldn't resist it..

THE Proper Red Horse Drinker...

Red Horse Beer is an extra-strong lager brewed by Philippine-based San Miguel Brewery. its a big question why some girls here in Bacolod, especially those girls aging 17 to 18 are really fond of drinking this, usually older guys are the ones who really drink red horse, It cost P235.00/case (panel price). it sells at P50.00/bottle and some pub or local beer house sold it at P55-P60.00, prices may vary depends on locations. This is the strongest beer in the marketmarking a 6.8alcohol content by volume. this are one of the few reasons why many dalagitas and solteros seem to like this beer. casually I prefer having this be given to adults who are real alcoholics...

can't to good to be true; in victorious occasions or plain nothingness, some Bacolod College girls drink this.. 

well most girls here in Bacolod say that red horse among all other alcoholic beverages can really satisfy (amongst light beers such as sanmig ice and so on..) they say 3 or 4 bottles it really gets into the spot.. the secret of red horse's power is the increase of one of its ingredients such its hop content is equals to the total volume of the beer, likewise the beer conatains a few percentage of gin which may be one of the secrets in red horse's knocking power..

to sum up for those otakus from Japan and our other friends form other countries who are interested of trying it out; here are some retail prices of the red horse beer,

RHB 330ml (stallion) Php 16.00
RHB 500ml Php 24.00
RHB 1000ml (Litro) Php 46.00
RHB in Cans Php 26.00

according to jepz at yahoo answers:

Red horse tastes more bitter than the usual san miguel beers, but sometimes it tastes sweet especially when ice cold.

1. You get drunk easily after drinking 3 or more bottles.

2. You spend less. A regular redhorse 500ml bottle costs around 30 pesos on retail and the grande (1000ml) bottle costs 55 pesos.

3. It tastes like a true beer because it has that bitter-sweet taste as compared to sanmig light or strong ice which tastes like beer dilluted in water.

4. No hangovers for me. Drinking san mig makes me feel tired, heavy, sleepy and bloated. Plus, drinking a lot of San Mig causes a terrible hangover. Redhorse makes me sleep like a newly born baby without the hangover.

5. You guys should try it. I recommend drinking 3-5 bottles of redhorse stallion first, then shift to the 500 ml bottle. Advance redhorse beer drinkers drink the Grande (1L) straight from the bottle.

Serving Suggestions:

3-5 bottles of stallion - perks you up and heightens your spirits after office or school

3-5 bottles of 500 ml - recommended for a friday or saturday gimick till morning.

3-4 bottles of Grande (1L) - for those who wants to feel temporary amnesia, numbness and a good remedy for insomia.

well, for you guys out there in Akihabara who's really interested in Philippine subcultures such as illongos, well you now learned more about our guys and gals here in Bacolod, beers such as red horse is easily accessible from sari sari stores , makes girls here happy and guys wanna see more of their oppai.. and even if it goes well its off to a good, dark and cold spot out there if they can't get too much when they are so drunk with this stuff..  well remeber to all guys out there drink moderately.... a golden rule here in the Philippines and in Bacolod!

just to show you more and how popular red horse beer is, here are more girls and boys and red horse extra strong....


oh com'on! in pa gid!!!


dhiavee said...

hey unfair! why did u post only USLS girls drink red horse! we also do it here too on friday nights in CHMSC! :D

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