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Gadget trade in Bacolod City

Down here in the city of smiles People are also into the latest in technology but wait... what's up with the gadget trade in Bacolod City?? well here's a primer for our friends from other countries and even in other provinces  around the country.

a Bacolod schoolgirl's MP3 Player, a China Mp3 Player complete with features available with original devices and genuine OEM Manufacturers, it has a picture viewer, MP3 player and built-in games.

Hit gadgets

Most young people here in Bacolod are kind of techy... generally some people here especially in the mid-lower class are fond of buying gadgets of which are cheap and easy to use and replace, china made gadgets such in the B- , C- , and D- Class gadgets are the favorite of people here, although cheap, they sacrifice quality and durability

most gadgets that come very popular are:

- Camera Phones
- MP3 Players
- game Consoles
- Flash Medias
- Compact radios

Japanese and more durable gadgets

Although some illongos prefer to stay happy with these chinese-made gadgets some people around town who can afford Japanese and export quality products tend to buy more durable gadgets from OEM Manufacturers and popular brands. Some people who possess hard to find gadgets bought theirs from abroad by either they take it home with them or they just ship it down here to negros.

A Sony PSP-2000 Silver it costs about P9000 and surplus units can go  down as much as P2500.

Gadget selling
well you can similarly buy chinese made gadgets for as low as P700 to P1200, genuine ones from OEM and popular brands can go from around P1000 to not less than P40,000 here in Bacolod due to the Tax imposed on the marketing retailers. A genuine Nokia phone here for example an E series phone could go as high as P30,000. There are also suicide sellers, people who sells their gadgets at very low prices and are considered suicide in price, last time one of my friends bought a Nokia N80 for only P3000, that the actual price of the N80 is from P10,000.  if your a bargain hunter here in Bacolod, it better you try to find these guys around town, it can help yiou get a new gadget and at the same time get you a gadget. 

Hope it helps you guys know more about how we have gadgets here in Bacolod! 

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