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The Chinita

Most of you in Bacolod will find them everywhere; she is a girl next door, your schoolmate, your old high school friend, your dads friend's daughter, the school dumb chick, the girl of your dreams and sometimes your sister worst! your mother! meet the chinita..

Mostly illongo boys describe chinitas as girls of east asian origin such as chinese and japanese descent, yes! she may come from a family of east asian descent; but the true meaning of a chinita, according to an urban dictionary,  "chinita is a spanih word for "asian girl" usuaully a chinita is a rare asian girl who is a mix of two or more moe races" -

yes chinitas are really kind of mixed asian girls who have multiple descents of spanish, chinese, japanese and even korean descents, a true chinita by filipino terms are the ones who has both east asian and filipino blood. and are filipino by birth. fair skinned chinitas are mostly hard to find among commoners, but there are some, most of them are daughters of mid-classed and high society families

Chinita Morena is another kind chinita girl who is slightly tan in color and has skimpy eyes, considered a local hybrid from many descendants long ago, a girl who is both chinita and morena is the most common among chinitas.

 chinitan nga hilaw, on the other hand, is a naturalized east asian girl according to bacolod lingo, chinita nga hilaw may be an east asian girl who lived well enough and have been naturalized thru citizenship. but still if your schoolmate's mom is "hilaw nga chinita" and her husband is a filipino, still and your favorite classmate or friend will become a chinita... -_-

more chinitas....

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