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Ui figma K-on good smile company

here is a really cute find I got from good smile company a really cute figma of Ui Hirasawa yui's
younger sister in K-on!, she costs about 2500 yen as it is posted as of now, im very interested to buy one as of the moment ;)

- マックスファクトリー - 

■ figma 平沢 憂 制服ver.

【 けいおん! 】

仕 様 ABS&PVC 塗装済み可動フィギュア
価 格 ¥2,500 ( 税込 )
原型製作 浅井真紀・マックスファクトリー
販売数量 会場販売:3,000個
購入数 お一人様 2個まで

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