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The CHMSC Girl!

they are considered one of the most numerous female students among state college students among other school in negros occidental they come from 4 campuses, they are cute, sweet, young, carefree and sometimes friendly, their main diet are private college boys and their allowances.. Meet the CHMSC Girl!

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, better known in bacolod and negros as chmsc is a state run college under the administrative control of the province of negros occidental, the college was created in order to aid less deserving students a chance to finish a degree. by now the college is one of the most largest runned by the province, with over 4 campuses around negros, this attracted over thousands of young girls from every bits and walks of life to earn a deserving, cheap and worthy school life. "CHMSC Girl" was coined during the late 2004's when a few sole and braveboys from TUPV, La Salle Bacolod, came to visit their former classmates inside the campus this catch phrase later replaced the old callings; "taga chmsc" among girls. another catch phrase and-not-so popular spin off for boys; "chmsc dawg" also was used to describe a male student from chmsc. at first during the batches from 2004-2007 the term "CHMSC Girl "did not sound really good to most of the female students, but when girls from later batches somewhere between 2007-2009 took over and more younger, not-so-mature girls entered and took over CHMSC's campuses,  the nick "chmsc girl" was widely accepted and is a real motivational applaud to this girls. yes even some faculty of the school likes the "chmsc girl" nick saying its about time our girls had a unique and "flashy" catch phrase.

lets try to take a better look at a chmsc girl's uniform how its done and what makes it very special
to them. and some things you would like to know more about this female uniform.

well here's a starter for you get acquainted with her;

a chmsc girl's blouse is one of the most important part of her uniform, the blouse; according to CHMSC standards, blouses must have a minimum of 3 pleats visible as standard and must run the whole length of the blouse from the chest to the waistline. A girl can go up to seven pleats for each side if she prefers, it must be collared, and white. most parents of CHMSC girls, because of the situation of life here in negros, prefer to have their daughter's blouses be made from a fabric called "tateron", then it is sewn according to the size and bodily proportions of the chmsc-girl-to-be. tateron is a light fabric made locally here in the philippines from low-grade cotton imported from abroad. while girls who can a bit afford, the options are only white katrina and oxford. Usually, clear buttons and even white buttons are a good compliment to the blouse.

next on the set is the bottoms. the standard of CHMSC for CHMSC Girls
is Navy Blue Slacks  made of the fabric oxford. even though the navy
blue oxford is very expensive per yard, parents just have no option but
to purchase it for slacks sake, another option is to make pencil skirts.
which is cheaper by the yard.

when it comes to footwear, the standard is mostly loafers, mules mid heels.
sandals are not complimentary or matching to slacks, for girls wearing
pencil skirts, mid heels and office shoes will fit them.

Opinions about the CHMSC Girl's Blouse:

The thing that gets the attention of most guys catch on girls in this school is mostly the blouse. because 
tateron is either low grade or very low grade and cheap to manufacture,  it has a tendency to make inner wears, such as erabarus, burajā, camisoles and other intimate wears visible, (this may be a japanese perv's dream
school I must say!), even in some conditions you can see her shitagi burando, if its Avon, So-en, 
Hanes herway, Triumph etc. and even if the guy is a real perv, he may also see those things he really wanted
to see like the burajā's center bows, adorning ribbons, strap adjusters, hooks, eyes, pleats, cup linings and designs. and the color if she is wearing a white, skintone, black, baby blue undies. also because the fabric is
so light it has a tendency to be more flexible and when a chmsc girl clambers down a jeep or up, it has a tendency to hang open and reveal her most beloved endowments. another thing that gets other guys attention is when it rains; tateron and similar fabrics tend to tighten up when they get wet much revealing more! so I advice all chmsc girls especially to my comrade Thel and Claire not to walk in the rain... katrina and oxford can hide
most of the garnishing things that make up a chmsc girl's burajā, but tateron will reveal everything.. and tateron is 
the choice of most girls here because its easy to buy and cheap. while katrina and oxford is so expensive. in the advent of morality these marks a low score to chmsc girls, but for the sake of going to school, get a degree and finish a course its a sacrifice to make, just go with the flow and just be moral and for the male classmates of CHMSC girls its all about "self-control"...

other "nicks" of CHMSC Girls

this are some new nicks developed during the late 2000's

"Chuvalanas"- A nick that was coined by a CHMSC Lab School student during 2005,
because of the deranged attitude the girls from their college department shown to
the lab school students, a guy who graduated in lab school made this generalization
of CHMSC Girls as "Churvas" or "ekeks". noting most girls in CHMSC especially
in the College of Education are very conceited females and just look more at themselves
than other persons in the school.

"Stormtrooper" - the term stormtrooper came from a notion from college boys of
other schools as to describe generally the chmsc girl's white blouse and because
of such commonality of this uniform among state colleges, and when this girls
line up during their monday excercises, they look more like from Starwars than
a typical college girl. the term "stormtrooper" is also used on the older Bacolod
City college white blouse uniform; generally, this term generalizes the uniform
from both BCC and CHMSC because of the white-blue uniform combination.

"chmsc girl" in other languages:

in Japanese: CHMSC女子学生- CHMSC joshi gakusei/ 
                   or  状態の女子大生制服 - jōtai no joshidai sei seifuku
                   or CHMSC 少女CHMSC shōjo

in Chinese: CHMSC女孩CHMSC nǚ hái

in German: CHMSC Mädchen

in Russian: чмсц девушка - CHMSC devushka

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