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Special Security Film by Dartz Grupa

filmz filmz filmz!!!

not really this kind of films...

we mean window films! dartz group in Latvia, a specialized firm in  anti-theft, security and many other specialized products has one on its lineup a very unique, hi-tech and revolutionary window and glass protection system, called Stalinit, STALINIT is exclusive multimultiply 21 mil window film which achieve P5A class EN356.DARTSFILMZ.TV is World One and Only company which really manufacture and stock this product, which became more and more popular in modern days as installed on 6-8-10 mm glass allow to achieve class P5A, which means very close to P6B axe tests.

Stalinit is very durable and is able to withstand axing and other  kinds of abuses which is related to theft; it can be installed in vital commercial establishments such as banks, jewelry stores and  pawnshops and a must-have for banks and pawnshops.

it is installed only by dartz technicians but dartz group will be training qualifying trainess for installation of this window film...

here's a promotional video they have;

for more info in this unique tinting technology check out the product here

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