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AVA-Alliance of Valiant Arms

yet another of the latest games being released today and can played online for free is AVA or Alliance of Valliant Arms by ijji games also developer of the ever popular SF. here in the Philippines I have not yet spotted any computer and gaming stations installed with AVA, but may be by the following months you can play this at your nearest gaming station.

the plot of the game goes like this: after a while the US and NATO countries form a large army alliance with other nations called AVA and the Russian federation. In the year 2005 the UN and NATO have finally established an alliance of almost all the major countries in the world, they plan to form the ICU (International Counties United) and form an elite army of highly trained soldiers from various countries around the world called AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms). However these plans are cut short when the newly re-established EU (European Union) has a dispute with the Soviet Military and demands that they destroy all of their Nuclear weaponry. The Soviets refused and only months later the EU sends agents to perform espionage missions to take the nuclear weapons and set them into a dormant state. The soviets then formed the NRF (the Neo Russian Federation) to counteract any EU operatives and eventually launched a full scale assualt on the main EU military base in London by dressing up as civilians and setting numerous C4s in the facilities perimiter. With the knowledge of this the EU director Joey Deano declares war with the NRF and the Russian Military. First, they start as small firefights with each other into full scale battles.

Game Modes:
AVA has a fast pace Team Death Match. and even  AI and Zombie "Survival Modes" as they are already out in their Japanese server.

the graphics of AVA is quite better than that of SF, which appeals to me and other guys who have special interest in games like MW2 and BF2142 and the similar games, because its much better in terms of polys and images the environment is much realistic, compared to other games like SF.


Spec Ops



Weapons available are M-16, AK's, M4's and a variety of modern warfare rifles are up for grab when a player levels up, also there are expansion devices and accessories like picatanny rail and other devices like red dot scope, acog sight and much more!

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • GeForce 6600 or Radeon X600 GPU with 128MB GRAMShader Model 2 Required
  • 1.6 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
  • Windows XP/Vista/7

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