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Inside a negros public high school

wanna see whats really like in a negros public high school??

well as you can see here its an ordinary schoolroom in RBLMNHS, a very well known high school in the city of Talisay. the teacher here you see here is miss dayve, a good friend of mine; she said this is how a usual  schoolroom in apublic high school outside bacolod looks like, due to the government's lack of funding or even delay in approving school projects this is the usual look of your average public high school looks like.

miss dayve also said to me the books of her students are published last 2006. well she had it distributed just this last year, in her first day of class...

as you can see here, there are steel chairs but its on a newly renewed conditions and still it is sputtered with graffitis and vandalisms of students the steel chairs have inscriptions made of ball pens, felt pens ranging from green words, crush admiralty and  even cheats for a quiz...  a small electric fan, some dusty curtains and a termite infested cabinat and tables all add-up to a negrense student conducive learning atmosphere...

 well for me and similar students from negros and bacolod we all have been part of the same kind of room, hmm... hope our japanese friends try out our high school here :D

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