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2010 Toyota sai hybrid sedan

The Toyota Sai, a non-luxury model based on the HS 250h, was launched in Japan in October 2009. With a total length of 184.8 inches, the Lexus HS is slightly larger than the Lexus IS in terms of size, The gasoline-powered portion of the Sai powertrain is the 2.4L 2AZ-FXE inline-four engine. The 2AZ-FXE produces 147 hp (110 kW) and 105 ft·lbf (142 N·m) of torque at 4000 revolutions per minute.[13] This is assisted by a 40 hp (30 kW) electric motor for a total combined output of 187 hp (139 kW).[13] The Sai uses a similar hybrid drivetrain as the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

considering the price of gasoline her in the philippines, it may well be another popular car that may catch the interest of filipino techies and environmentalists.

the toyota sai can run on gasoline and its batteries simultaneously and switch it automatically from gasoline drive to electric drive when needed. 

Hybrid Synergy drive  Principle 
The Toyota HSD replaces a normal geared transmission with an electromechanical system. Because an internal combustion engine (ICE) delivers power best only over a small range of torques and speeds, the crankshaft of the engine is usually attached to an automatic or manual transmission by a clutch or torque converter that allows the driver to adjust the speed and torque that can be delivered by the engine to the torque and speed needed to drive the wheels of the car. When required to classify the transmission type of an HSD vehicle (such as in standard specification lists or for regulatory purposes), Toyota describes HSD-equipped vehicles as having E-CVT (Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission). 

here are some pics of the interior

unlike the prius, the sai looks more fashionistic with its more readable optitron meter arrangement and multifunction platform the interior is very futuristic and may catch the eyes of Bacolod city Socials.. 

Technological features offered on the Sai include a pop-up navigation and infotainment system with Remote Touch controller, a Mark Levinson premium sound system, and safety systems. The Remote Touch system is used with the GPS navigation system and operates using haptic feedback.

with a whooping 23km per litre, you may consider this mid sized car your next option for city driving, not to mention superb ergonomics and styling the sai could somehow one day come to philippine shores...

"The Sai is based on a concept derived from the Japanese word sai—which means “talent” when written as “sai” and “coloration” when written as “sai“—as a hybrid-only sedan “combining advanced talent and multi-color sophistication”.
The Sai, designed with extensive consideration for the environment, features a gasoline-electric hybrid system with a 2.4-liter engine for outstanding fuel efficiency and use of Ecological Plastic (made from plant-derived materials) for approximately 60% of the interior surface area.  Its highly efficient package achieves an outstanding balance between maneuverability, comfort, refined sedan styling and aerodynamic performance.  Furthermore, in addition to offering advanced features for high-level safety performance, such as a millimeter-wave-radar Pre-crash Safety system, the Sai, among its other attributes, provides cruising performance and riding comfort befitting a luxury vehicle, altogether making it a compact luxury vehicle for a new era that brings together “talent” and “coloration” to enrich customers’ lifestyles."

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