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Domo Fever in the City of Smiles Part 1; Who's Domo-Kun??

Oh.. don't hate it domo-kun.. Bacolod Children is getting addicted to your brown fuzzy form...
Yes!! its been awhile since I came back here that I was surprised how the City's Otaku Community has developed and has also influenced this generation.. well here's another character that have cached the younger ones here by craze.. he's a bag, a knapsack, a coin purse, a hat and even on a shirt...he's square he's brown.. he's a chocolate thing  by the way for my comrades.. Who The Valshivovaskya Kamava Is DOMO-KUN?? and for the younger ages of those born from the year 99-2000's they would ask.. SIN-U NE SI DOMO-KUN?? BAG MALANG NA SIYA.. STUFF TOY MALANG NA SIYA MABAKAL NA SIYA SA VARIETY STORE.. (WHO'S DOMO-KUN HE'S A BAG A STUFF TOY.. WE BUY HIM AT THE LOCAL VARIETY STORE...)  Well for the loving children of Bacolod; let's get to know Domo-Kun...

Mr. Old Wise Rabbit, Domo and Ta-chan

Domo-kun is a small brown open-mouthed monster (hatched from an egg) who lives with a wise old rabbit underground and really, really likes TV. Domo-kun is the mascot of NHK's BS2 (a satellite channel in Japan; he also appears on BS1).

Domo-kun first appeared in short stop-motion sketches on 22 December 1998 to mark the 10th anniversary of NHK's satellite broadcasting. The name "Domo" was acquired during the second episode of his show, in which a TV announcer said "dōmo, konnichiwa" (どうも、こんにちは?), which is a greeting that can be translated as "Well, hello there!", but which can also be interpreted as "Hello, Domo", and thus is a convenient pun (dajare). The kun suffix on "Domo-kun", the name used to describe the character in the Japanese versions, is a Japanese honorific often used with young males.

Tsuneo Gōda directs Domo episodes using stop motion animation. Gōda says that, by using this process, one can "create a work filled with feeling"

Domo has 5 video games on the DSiWare on the Nintendo DSi Shop application for the Nintendo DSi. The 5 games are Crash-Course Domo, Hard-Hat Domo, Rock-n-Roll Domo, Pro-Putt Domo and White-Water Domo.The Game Boy Advance game Domo-kun no Fushigi Terebi also features Domo-kun. On Facebook, Domo is featured in the social game Planet Domo. Domo has been featured officially on DomoAnimate, an animation web site powered by Go! Animate.

The Grue

According to domo is a grue;

A grue (Gruesomicius ravenousi) is a box-shaped gap-toothed mammal known for eating humans, though more recently they have been known to kill certain lone wolves, construction workers, a gerbil or two, speranah, the occasional monkey, people who send annoying chain e-mails, your pets, and...well, Grues like eating a lot of things. Grues are not often seen roaming the wilderness in herds, whistling old-time Irish pub songs, working on crossword puzzles, and calculating the amount of back taxes owed by car salesmen. The reason Grues are not often seen doing anything is because grues live in total darkness, so the whole "seeing" thing would be kind of hard to do. The likelihood of being eaten by a grue is probably non-zero.

It is widely believed that all emeralds are grue, but in fact, all emeralds are bleen.

There are an estimated 47 grues left in the United States today due to the Grue conservation program - luckily all grues are kept under heavy rocks, or locked away in abandoned biker bars. Of course, being creatures of darkness that tend to eat anything they can get within range of, these numbers are likely inaccurate, outdated, or simply made up by the same people who tell us that pretty much everything causes cancer.

The game of Zork consists entirely of being repeatedly eaten by a grue.

more here

Other Funny Influence of Domo-Kun;

Every time you masturbate… God kills a kitten

Queenie; Please don't fantasize.. you don't know what happens..

"Every time you masturbate… God kills a kitten" is the caption of an image created by a member of the website in 2002. The image features a kitten (subsequently referred to as "Cliché Kitty") being chased by two Domos, and has the tagline "Please, think of the kittens".

According to a New York Times Magazine article on Domo-kun, "Any major exhibition on the history of clowning around on the Internet would have to include". An article from ICv2 stated, "This phony PSA is quite out of character with Domo's image in Japan.

Now I hope you know how and where domo-kun started life.. now get crazy with him.. be consumed by your otakuness and youthness young pioneers... I will continue my next post with more random people with domo-kun goodies.. so for now!! Bye!! (Paka!! in Russian..)

Some random images of domo mania in Bacolod..
This Little NOHS Girl  here "Nina Quejarse" with a domo kun pocket bag
Li'l Twinkle "Princess Twinxiu" with her  domo-kun pocket bag...

Mario B. Franco Jr.'s Domo-bag eating his guitar..

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