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Giant Heavy Equipments for illongo eyes to feat..

yes we may have seen such large land machineries from our childhood days but didn't you know not only there are giant trucks and front shovels and draglines.. there are more to see well here are some more giant land movers..

Giant Bulldozers

Komatsu D575A

The Komatsu D575A is a 1,150 horsepower (860 kW) tractor crawler available as a bulldozer/ripper, the D575A-3, or as a dedicated bulldozer, the D575A-3 SD Super Dozer. Equipped with a standard blade, both versions are capable of moving 90 cubic yards (69 m3) of material per pass although the D575A-3 SD Super Dozer is capable of moving 125 cubic yards (96 m3) of material per pass if equipped with an optional blade. The D575A-3 can dig to a maximum depth of 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m) using its single shank ripper.

Currently the largest bulldozer in production, the D575A has been produced by Komatsu Ltd. in Osaka, Japan since 1991. Surface mine operators in the United States, Canada and Australia are the primary users of the D575A, although it is sometimes used in heavy construction applications.

Caterpillar D11

The Caterpillar D11 is a large bulldozer, manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. in East Peoria, Illinois, and mainly used in the mining industry. Primarily designed as a bulldozer, it also used for push-loading scrapers, and ripping rock overburden.

D11s are primarily used for moving large quantities of material (dirt, rock, aggregate, etc.) short distances in relatively confined places. For example, they are often used in quarries. The D11 is most commonly found in use in large scale forestry, mining, and quarry operations.

D11s can be adapted for agricultural and rock ripping by fitting a ripper, a long claw-like device on the back of the tractor. Rippers can come singly (single shank) or in groups of two or more (multi shank rippers). Usually, a single shank is preferred for heavy ripping.

Ripping rock allows the ground surface rock to be broken into small, easy to handle and transport rubble which can then be removed so that grading can take place.

Giant Backhoes and Front Shovels

powerful and giant backhoes and front shovels are used by mines to scoop out and remove rock and valuable ore containing rocks and load them to mining trucks and also helps out  moving debris and keep mining areas clean. here are some notable front shovels and giant backhoes

Hitachi EX8000

The EX8000 is one of the worlds largest hydraulic excavator, the EX800 from Hitachi weighs in at an incredible 805 tonne and is capable of loading a 300-ton dump truck in only four passes.

Powered by the time-proven twin Cummins diesel engine, the EX8000 produces a total of 2 800kW (3 800 hp) for handling the giant excavation jobs.

Hitachi's computer-aided Engine-Pump Control (E-P Control) coaxes optimum efficiency from the engine and hydraulic pumps to sense load demand and control engine and pump output for maximum operating efficiency.

Available in loading shovel specification, the 40m3 bucket will keep your dump truck drivers busy all day trying to keep up with this giant earthmover.

Libherr 996 Lictronic

Liebherr R 996 has the third place in the world chart. It has a use-weight of 659 tons. Two 16-cylinder 50,3-litre water-cooled turbo-charged Cummins K 1800 E diesel aggregates develop 3000 HP at 1800 RPM. 

It reaches a breakout force of 1670 kN while digging force is 1500 kN. To provide fuel for these engines the R 996s are built with a 13,000-litre fuel tank. Hydraulic tank capacity is 4600 litres; maximum hydraulic pressure is 350 bar. 

Shovel volume is up to 36 m3, which corresponds to a payload of approximately 60 tons. Its yield per hour reaches 6400 tons and will load a hollow 215-ton dump truck in less than two minutes! 

Top of the driver's cab is 9,03 metres from the ground. The cab's front and left-hand side windows are made of 20,5 mm tinted armored glass; all other windows are made of tinted safety glass

. The upper machinery is exactly 7 metres wide and just a bit longer than 10 metres. Tracks tread on the surface at the length of 7,5 metres and width of 1,4 metre. Track height is 3 metres. The R 996 was not built for speed for it scarcely reaches 2,2 kph. The complete excavator is built in modular construction. Motor and pump areas are passable.

Terex O&K RH400

With a huge 2,223,000 lb use-weight, the Terex O&K RH 400 built in Germany the biggest front-shovel-excavator world-wide . It was presented in 1997 to the public in Dortmund officially. This colossus of two 16 cylinder engines is based on directly-injecting turbo-diesel-aggregates from the Cummins company. These two engines of the type QSK 60 are developping power of 4398 HP together.

 In order to start up these two monstrous motors, the RH 400 is equipped with six 24V/510Ah car-batteries. The maximum output of the engines is reached at 1800 r.p.m. and these are supplied from one 4228 U.S. gal grasping fuel-tank. With these huge figures and the patented Tri-Power geometry, the RH 400 develops a shovel-encouragement-strength from a brutal 711,000 lb. The shovel-volume of this giant corresponds to a payload of 189,000 lb which amounts to 57 yd³. 

The hydraulics-system is supplied of a 3435 U.S. gal grasping tank. If it depends on it, the 18 hydraulics-pumps are in the position to pump 2642 U.S. gal oils per minute through the cylinders with a work-print of 4495 psi. Consequently, the RH 400 reaches cover-performances from up to 17,778,000 lb/h.

 The outer total-impression of this giant is just as huge. It is 32'1" wide and from the roof of the driver-cubicle down to the ground measures it 33'4" high. And with its 36'1" long, 10" high and 6'6" wide chains, the RH forces a traction force of over 889,000 lb. Since 1997 only 6 of this gigantic earth-moving-machines built and shipped to America. Five of them work in a mine in Canada and one in the USA.

Wheel Loaders 

Wheel Loaders in Mining and Large Scale mountain development function the same as the standard size payloaders used in quarries and construction sites, the big difference is their big size..

The world's largest wheel loader comes from the LeTourneau Company, Inc. of Longview Texas (USA). On the MINExpo 2000, the L-2350 presented the first time. With an operating weight of just under 263 tons, this machine beats everything that has been here. It derives its enormous power of the L-2350 from a 2300-hp, turbocharged, charge air-cooled 16-cylinder diesel engine, which comes either with 65 liters of the house orDetroit was developed with 60.2 liters of engine manufacturer Cummins. Both engineshave their maximum power already min at 1900 rpm and allow the loader a payload of 73 tonnes, a bucket capacity of 45 m³. Its blade is thus the same as that of the O & K RH400 excavator, making it the largest dump trucks can be loaded with only a fewloading cycles.

The L-2350 is powered diesel electric, from which the powerful breakaway of 130 tons and a top speed of just under 17 km / h result. The external dimensions of this giant correspond to a superlative. It is 19.7 m long, 6.8 m wide and up to the roof of the cab6.4m. The fuel tank holds nearly 4,000 liters of diesel fuel.

Komatsu WA1200

The WA 1200-3 covers the Japanese place three of the world-chart. The drive-aggregate for these 456,000 lb of heavy wheelloader doesn't come this time from the house-own motor-smithy. The performance for this giant is delivered by a Cummins QSK 60 16 cylinders turbo-diesel engine, that scoops its strength from well 16 U.S. gal of capacity.

The engine is a 1562 HP already develops its full performance with a motor-speed of 1900 r.p.m. and gets itself from a fuel-tank grasping 1348 U.S. gal. These accomplishment-data make possible a monstrous breakout force of over 287,000 lb for the WA 1200. The WA 1200-3 is the mechanically driven wheelloader biggest world-wide. 

The gigantic bucket of the loader can grasp rubble up to 46 yd³ what corresponds to a payload of 133 lb. It reaches a maximum speed of barely 14 MPH and if it must be, the hydraulics-pumps generate a gpm, that equals the entire hydraulics-oil-reserve of 317 U.S. gal.

Caterpillar 994F

Caterpillar engineers were given a task of designing something really big; something that has the weight of 9.5 million house mice and thus the 994F was born. This wheel loader can assert itself in the world chart far above its current position. A CAT 3516B engine brings this machine to life with its 1,250 HP, air-cooled, 16-cylinder turbo diesel engine with displacement of 69 liters.

The previously mentioned peak power is delivered at 1,600 RPM while the maximum torque, an amazing 7,500 Nm is already developed at 1,100 RPM. With all the data at hand it isn't difficult to imagine the brutal breakout force of 944 kN and the top speed of 24 kph! 

This gigantic wheel loader has a use-weight of 192.6 tons and rated capacity, depending on bucket type, can be as much as 31 m3. This colossus' tire diameter amounts to 3.5 meters with the bucket width of 6.3 meters. Total length is more than 17 meters, top of the driver's cab is at the majestic height of 6.5 meters. With bucket raised the total height is above 11 meters.


Graders are commonly used in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads. In the construction of paved roads they are used to prepare the base course to create a wide flat surface for the asphaltto be placed on. Graders are also used to set native soil foundation pads to finish grade prior to the construction of large buildings. in mining and large construction projects this is the same purpose of work,

Champion 100 Series

This machine was introduced in 1975 as the 80T with a Detroit 16-71N Engine but by 1977 it was modified and repowered with an Cummins V1710 set at 700 hp.

It was a poor seller and reportedly only about 10 of these machines were ever sold before Champion discontinued the product a dozen years later. The model number approximates the weight of the machine in tons. It had a 24 foot blade and an articulated frame. Although bigger graders have been custom made, this seems to qualify as the world's largest production grader.

Caterpillar 24 Series 

Caterpillar 24M Motor is the largest in the line and is currently the world's largest serial production grader, with a gross vehicle weight of more than 137,000 pounds and a 24-foot-wide moldboard; 24M motor grader is designed to meet the specialized requirements of
large mining operations, particularly those maintaining haul roads for trucks with
capacities of 190 tons (172 metric tons) or more. The largest model in the M-Series, the
24M has an operating weight of 137,692 pounds (62 456 kg) and uses a blade 24 feet
(7315 mm) wide. The 24M’s 18.1-liter Cat C18 ACERT
engine develops 533 net horsepower (397 kW) and generates 1,762 pounds-feet (2389 N-m) maximum torque. 

For all of its size and power, the 24M is designed to be remarkably controllable, featuring
a pair of multi-axis joysticks that replace the steering wheel and nine control levers used
in the 24H, the previous model. The joystick control system can reduce hand and arm
movement by nearly 80 percent, promoting higher productivity from less-fatigued
operators. And the system is intuitive and easier to learn compared to the traditional
system. The electro-hydraulic load-sensing system provides the foundation for the
advanced machine controls, enabling superior controllability and precise and predictable
hydraulic movements—with solid reliability.

Engineered for severe-duty applications, the 24M features heavy-duty construction of
major structures, including mainframes, articulation hitch, drawbar, circle and
moldboard. The durable drive train uses an electronically controlled, 6F/3R planetary
powershift transmission, lock-up torque converter, modular rear axle and multi-disc
hydraulic brakes at each tandem wheel.

To enhance safety, the 24M is equipped with an operator-presence system, which
automatically sets the parking brake and neutralizes hydraulic functions if the operator
leaves the cab without setting the brake. Also, with the push of a single button on the left

joystick, the operator can activate the return-to-center feature, which automatically aligns
the frames when the machine is articulated. The optional Caterpillar Work Area Vision
System provides added visibility via a rearview camera and a color monitor in the cab.
The 24M also is designed to keep the machine working. Daily service points are grouped
to speed work, and the fast fuel option allows refueling in less than two minutes.

ACCO Grader

The Worlds biggest earth moving grader is the Acco-Grader. It is a custom made 'one-off' built in Italy by the Umberto Acco Company in 1980. The Acco Grader was actually powered by 2 engines. A 1000hp engine was in the rear part of the Grader whilst a smaller 700hp engine was at the front. These engines gave a combined power output of 1700hp! 1700hp was required too, when considering the Acco Grader weighs in at 160 Tons !

The Grader was initially built for export to Libya, it was able to do some work in Libya, but due to trading restrictions with Libya at that time, the Grader was shipped back and remains in Italy to this day.


Off-road dump trucks more closely resemble heavy construction equipment or engineering vehicles than they do highway dump trucks. Off-road dump trucks are used strictly off-road for mining and heavy dirt hauling jobs. There are two primary forms: rigid frame and articulating frame.

The term ‘dump’ truck is not generally used by the mining industry, or by the manufacturers that build these machines. The more appropriate U.S. term for this strictly off road vehicle is "haul truck" and the equivalent European term is 'dumper'. The classifications bottom and side for example, describes how loaded material is discharged from the dump body. In the case of the haul truck illustrated, a Liebherr T 282B, the load is discharged to the rear, designating this particular vehicle as an end dump.

Liebherr T282

The Liebherr T 282B is an off-highway, ultra class, rigid frame, two-axle, diesel/electric,AC powertrain haul truck designed and manufactured by the Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. in Newport News, Virginia, USA.[1] The T 282B is Liebherr’s largest, highest payload capacity haul truck, offering one of the largest haul truck payload capacities in the world, up to 400 short tons (363 t)

The price for one of these trucks is $3,000,000, not including tires. All large trucks like the T282 don't just have wing mirrors to see what is behind when they reverse; they also have video cameras, usually two on either side and another on the rear axle, to give the driver a full view of the road around him or her.

The T 282B is powered by a diesel/electric powertrain. Two diesel engines are available: a 3,500 horsepower (2,600 kW) DDC/MTU 20V4000, 90 litres (5,500 cu in) V-20 or a 3,650 horsepower (2,720 kW) Cummins QSK 78 78 litres (4,800 cu in) V-18. The diesel engine is coupled to a Siemens-Liebherr AC electric drive system. Fully loaded, the T 282B can achieve a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h).

Hitachi Euclid EH5000

the EH5000  Hitachi’s largest rigid frame haul truck, the EH5000, is based on the unparalleled success of its predecessors  the R280AC and EH4500. Equipped with the Hitachi standard heavy-duty body, it has a maximum payload capacity of 351 US tons (318 metric tons) and a maximum Gross Machine Weight of 1,164,426 pounds (528 180 kg). Actual payload capacity can range from 320 US tons to as high as 360 US tons, depending on body size and weight as well as the particular application and material density.

The EH5000 utilizes Hitachi-Euclid’s well-proven, proprietary AC drive technology, developed in conjunction with Siemens. Already in use at several locations, EH5000 field availability is over 90 percent.
The EH500 utilizes an AC Drive Motor System where the wheels of the Dump truck  is powered by electric current generated by the diesel engines up front of the truck.

The EH5000 is available with two engine choices at 2,700 hp (2 013kw), provided by either the Detroit Diesel Series 4000 engine or the Cummins QSK60 engine. An optional 3,000 HP version of the Detroit Diesel Series 4000 engine is also available.

Caterpillar 797

The Caterpillar 797 is a series of off-highway, ultra class, two-axle, mechanicalpowertrain haul trucks developed and manufactured in the United States by Caterpillar Inc.specifically for high production mining and heavy-duty construction applications world-wide. In production since 1998, the 797 series represents Caterpillar’s largest, highest capacity haul trucks. The current, third-generation model, the 797F, offers one of the largest haul truck payload capacities in the world, up to 400 short tons (363 t)
The Caterpillar 797 is one of the world's largest serial production mining truck as of now and the only truck in its class to be driven by a propriety hydraulic drive unlike other makes in its class which utilizes the AC Drive System and Diesel Electric Drives, 

unlike other makes of rigid off highway dump trucks of its class using Large AC motors as Final Drive, the 797 uses hydraulic drive and is claimed by CAT to be more reliable than AC systems
BELAZ 75600

Another large Truck that's worth my credit is from the the Former Soviet Republic of Belarus the Belaz 75600 manufactured by the State Enterprise Company BelAZ.
BelAZ (RU: Белорусский автомобильный завод/Belaruski autamabilny sawod or БелАЗ) is a Belarusian manufacturer of haulage and earth moving equipment based in Zhodzina, Belarus. The factory opened its door in 1948 and has produced over 120,000 vehicles for use in the Soviet Union.

The 75600's Height is 26.2ft Width: 36.1ft Length: 42.7ft Top speed: 40mph Weight: 240 tons ,carrying Capacity: 320 tons, (560 tons when fully loaded) Engine 3,600 horsepower, Turning radius: 54.4ft Cabin reached via two flights of stairs

The truck is delivered to mining plants via the use of 25 rail cars to transport the truck to Russia from its manufacturing plant in Belarus. When truck bed is raised, vehicle stands five stories tall.

BELAZ is a site for one of the largest Commonwealth of Independent States investment project. The factory finalized two of the three scheduled phases of the technical re-equipment and upgrades. The Quality Management System applied in research and development, fabrication, erection and after-sale service of the equipment complies with international ISO 9000 standards.

Komatsu 960E

The 960E was designed and developed by Komatsu America Corp. and is being produced at its Peoria Manufacturing Operation in Illinois for mines around the world. Since the market introduction of the 930E AC electric-drive super-large haul truck (max. payload: 290 tons) in 1995, Komatsu has enjoyed a leadership position of the industry. Komatsu has already delivered over 650 units of the best-selling 930E model. Based on the high evaluations for the 930E, Komatsu developed the 960E.

The 960E is equipped with a Komatsu 3,500 horsepower engine providing the lowest brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) at rated horsepower for this truck class. The 930E-SE model, a higher-power version of the 930E, is also powered by this engine, having been deployed for over 250,000 hours in mines in North America, Chile and Australia, proving the reliability of this engine in the field.

The 960E is equipped with the VHMS (Vehicle Health Monitoring System) as a standard feature, enabling remote, real-time monitoring of the "health" and operating conditions of the truck.

The 960E has already been tested for over three years in coal and copper mines. In addition to its reliability, the 960E has incorporated all important needs of customers for mining trucks, such as payload, productivity, power, fuel economy, operability and cab comfort.

Most of off-highway trucks are powered by the following engines: 

The Cummins QSK78

MTU Seires 4000

and many others..

still the world's biggest truck belong to the;

Terex Titan

The Terex 33-19 "Titan" was a prototype off-highway, ultra class, rigid frame, three-axle, diesel/AC electric powertrain haul truck designed by the Terex Division of General Motorsand assembled at General Motors Diesel Division's London, ON, Canada assembly plant in 1973. Only one 33-19 was ever produced and it was the largest, highest capacity haul truck in the world for 25 years. the sad thing was, The 33-19 "Titan" never entered regular production. The worldwide coal market softened in the late 1970s, causing coal mines to decrease production and economize by re-building existing equipment or purchasing smaller haul trucks with proven operational records. The projected market for the 33-19 "Titan" never materialized and the prototype was the only unit ever assembled.

The 33-19 "Titan" used a diesel/AC electric powertrain that consisted of an Electro-Motive Division model 16-645E4, 16-cylinder, gross 3,300 hp (2,461 kW), 10,320-cubic-inch (169.1 L), turbocharged, intercooled, unit injection, locomotive engine directly coupled to an Electro-Motive Division model AR10-D14, 10-pole, AC electric alternator sending DC power via a rectifier to General Motors model D79CF traction motors at each of the four rear wheels

Other Giant Vehicles

off-highway tractors

Off-highway tractors do some similar work to off-highway rigid dump trucks but are more in terms of capacity.. off highway tractors are also very universal as it can do some work not as the rigid dump truck can do, this includes, trail hauling, high capacity hauling, assist scrapers and haul other big equipments in their area..

off-highway tractors can assist other equipments thru hauling with the aid of their low boy trailers and salvage work..

off-highway tractors can work similar to off-highway dump trucks

Off-highway Scrapers

Road Scrapers are large tractors which draw a very heavy blade and drags it from the rear to compact loose materials and works more neater than a motor grader.

A road scraper includes a frame having forwardly positioned blades extending rearwardly and laterally for directing loose material against a rear blade extending angularly in the opposite direction between rearwardly extending side frame members thereby causing loose material on the road to be redistributed across the road under the rear blade on the back side of the frame. A rearwardly positioned dam blade cooperates with the rear angular blade to cause loose material to be accumulated and then discharged through a passageway between the rear end of the dam blade and the angular blade.

Motor scrapers, also known as self-propelled scrapers, are large motorized machines used for digging, hauling and leveling out materials in a variety ofconstruction jobs. Running on massive rubber tires, these machines quickly move large quantities of earth around a construction site

another job of the motor scraper is doing work as a coal bowl scraper. Coal Bowl Scrapers construct and maintain mine and plant coal stockpiles, as well as haul loads to plant inlet supply system to meet the burn requirements of the plant.

Cat 657G

the CAT 657G is currently Cat's largest in their lineup of  Open bowl multipurpose motor scrapers, it is powered by 2 CAT 3408E ACERT engines rated @ 564HP each,  the whole tractor scraper has a total capacity of 44 cubic yards and 104000 lb loaded.

its design enables it to operate without any restriction at any weather and round the clock operations..

Terex TS14G

Some features being included in Terex  include the TS14G, Terex scrapers offer electronically controlled transmissions and panoramic operator cabs for increased quality and productivity. the TS14 is powered by 2 Cummins QSB 5.9L Diesel engines..

Giant Articulated Dump Trucks

An articulated dump truck, or "Yuke" in the construction world, has a hinge between the cab and the dump box, but is distinct from semi trailer trucks in that the cab is a permanent fixture, not a separable vehicle. Steering is accomplished via hydraulic rams that pivot the entire cab, rather than rack and pinion steering on the front axle. This vehicle is highly adaptable to rough terrain. In line with its use in rough terrain, longer distances and overly flat surfaces tend to cause driveline troubles, and failures. Articulated trucks are often referred to as the modern scraper, in the sense that they carry a much higher maintenance burden than most trucks.

An articulated dump truck has a hinge between the cab and the dump box, but is distinct from semi trailer trucks in that the cab is a permanent fixture, not a seperable vehicle. Steering is accomplished via hydraulic rams that pivot the entire cab, rather than rack and pinion steering on the front axle. This vehicle is highly adaptable to rough terrain.

here are some of the world's largest Articulated dump trucks as of 2010 and early 2011;

Hitachi AH500D

The Hitachi AH500D is also the largest available ADT on the market. Capable of carrying 45,400kg payloads and powered by a 499hp Mercedes Benz engine, the Hitachi AH500D provides increased productivity with increased agility. Due to its articulation design, the AH500D can go where rigid dump trucks can not.

Hitachi artic dump trucks are renowned for their superior performance in poor underfoot conditions. Six-wheel drive ADT's perform best when they are built light, with evenly laden axles, equal torque split to each
axle, high suspension travel and good ground clearance and approach angles.

Articulated Dump Trucks are extremely versatile hauling machines, growing in popularity around the world. As part of an earthmoving system they can haul a wide spectrum of material in a huge variety of applications and underfoot conditions. Articulated Trucks usually offer a tighter turning radius than a rigid frame truck.

Terex TA40/TA400

The Terex TA40 is Terex's largest articulated dump truck with a 40 Ton load capacity, 
it is powered by a 450 hp (336 kW) Detroit Diesel Tier 3 engine and a  Complete new Allison transmission with drop box configuration some new aspects include a New front suspension with improved ride, Latest cab technology with operator comfort and visibility with an Increased top speed to 37.3 mph (60 kph)
options include an Upgraded axles and frames, Oil cooled disc brakes on all axles giving More time between service intervals

well to sum up some more bits it has,
  •  Bigger payload to 41.88 tons
  •  Fully CAN enabled J1939 Link
  • Emission-certified engine with electronic engine management
  • Automatic limited slip differentials in each axle for superior traction
  • 6 x 6 all-wheel drive with efficient ground-following suspension
  • Spacious, comfortable cab for continuous high productivity
  • Oil cooled disc brakes for low operating costs
well I hope you had a blasts comrades.. I've been busy for a while and was not able to bit up and some more ..  well i'll just see you on my next post.. Dosvidanya..


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