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Nissan Patrol Safari Pickup and Cab something for a change to the Safari Wagon

Amazed by myself.. there is really a pickup and cab model but only for the african and australian markets but not bad.. I have something to put in my wishlist of vehicles next to some of my favorite russian vehicles like the UAZ 

since then I have been wondering since last week is there really a Nissan Patrol Safari which is a pickup version of the same model as that of the current Nissan philippine's patrol super safari? well There is!

You know for a fact comrades, im tired of looking at the same nissan patrol safari large sized SUV being marketed here in the country, being a staple vehcile of filipino millionaires, all the kind of lord they call themselves, and politicians of the country which is a symbol of power among themselves..
Nissan Patrol Wagons are a symbol of prestige among the Filipino norm, and i'm bored about those big wigs, politicians and the daughters riding this big wagons around town flinging around with their Nissan safaris and im trying to find something to to match them but would not disturb the madlang image and utilitarian spirit, but uphold the bold spirit of Nissan endeavoring capability in creating quality vehicles.

meanwhile the Navarra and the Frontier are too common among many people especailly maritime professionals and middle classes, almost everyone around the country has 1 or 2 of it, it seems to be the madlang-mayaman's people pickup, and I hate being within them,

i'm kind of bored with this model almost every big booner in town has it the same kind of model and almost only difference is their grade and accessories, what's more i'm seeing a waste of such power of Nissan's highly capable ZD330Ti Diesel engine just burning rubber and  wasting such precious torque to just 10 or even just 2 passengers! I would like to find a vehicle of the same grade as the nissan patrols here where the engine's power is put to good use, such as hauling and come to think of it the patrol has been equipped with secondary tanks which stores additional fuel for long journeys, the wagon is useful if the vehicle goes to such work such as medical missions, and similar work for a cause, but run it around town and just let others know you have a nissan safari.. Watashi no o shiri o kisu!

Meet the Nissan Patrol Pickup and Patrol cab

The Nissan patrol Pickup is available in African countries especially in South Africa,
The Nissan patrol pickup
The Nissan patrol Cab meanwhile is designed specifically for the Australian outback market its powered by the same engine used by  the

Nissan Patrol cab
well here are some reviews given by some sites from both countries and their opinions on it, well its up to you

The Nissan Patrol Pickup

Well-known as a tough, durable and dependable vehicle, Nissan’s Patrol Pickup has a reputation as a no-nonsense vehicle that will stand its ground no matter what the challenge. Its historical strengths will be further enhanced with the introduction of the new more powerful Patrol Pickup 4.2 TDi.

“The Patrol Pickup has been upgraded and now benefits from even more power and torque,” comments Chris Schell, General Manager Light Commercial Vehicles at Nissan South Africa. “In addition to its up-rated power and already impressive off road abilities the Patrol Pickup offers a number of comfort and convenience features that enhance the overall appeal of the vehicle.”

The reliable 4.2TDi diesel engine is combined with even tougher 4x4 capabilities. The 4.2-litre in-line six cylinder common rail diesel engine is mated to a five speed manual gearbox and now delivers 90kW @ 3 600rpm and develops 282Nm of torque @ 2 000rpm.

The up-rated power and torque sees the Patrol Pickup’s towing capacity increased by 1 000kgs. This means the vehicle can now tow an impressive 2 500kg (trailer with brakes) or 750kgs when towing a trailer without brakes.

With a combined tank capacity of 175 litres the Patrol Pickup is able to cover more than 1 300km on road and about 1 100km in off road conditions without refilling. The Patrol Pickup remains fuel efficient too, with a best in class fuel consumption figure of 13.2l/100km.

Like all Nissan off-road vehicles, the Patrol Pickup comes with more than fifty years of Nissan’s proven 4x4 technical expertise and experience. It includes an impressive All-Terrain Suspension incorporating a heavy-duty coil spring suspension in the front with progressive rate leaf springs at the rear on a full floating axle.
The Patrol Pickup is the only vehicle in its class to feature a limited slip differential. This mechanism offers superior road holding on varied surfaces and is favoured by many off road purists. 

full range of accessories includes, snorkels, winches, bullbars and many more..

The shorter wheelbase of 2.97m allows for an impressive breakover angle of 28 degrees giving the vehicle a further edge in difficult conditions. The approach and departure angles of 42 and 30 degrees respectively further contributes to the rugged off road ability of the vehicle.

With a turning circle of 12.2m (6.1m radius) the Patrol Pickup is easy to manoeuvre around town or in the bush.

the Patrol Pickup although is not as proficient as its counterpart, the Land cruiser pickup, the safari pickup has very proficient comfort versus the land cruiser counterpart, bad thing is there are some setbacks which include  only a 4x2 limited slip differential, and slowness in on-road performance, the patrol pickup seems very considerable in our terrain and it will make the owners of patrol wagons here ditch their wagon models and if they are really that desperate swap it with this pickup model.. 

Although the Safari Pickup seems to be very slow in the road(like the wagon models), the power is put to good use, such as hauling, off-road and trail and expeditionary and cargo handling, it affords that the 4.2 ZD30DDTi's power  goes to such work and that the patrol safari pickup can carry more people than the wagons..

Nissan Patrol Cab

Thinking tough outdoor work? Asking questions about what vehicle can hack the rough stuff? Look no further than the brilliant Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis. A vehicle for the worst the weather can throw at you, the big 4x4 is rugged in design, sturdy mechanically and legendary in its reliability, making the all new Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis a compelling choice for the harshest conditions. As it's made to be the best, the Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis leads the charge on the world’s toughest 4x4 trails.

The Patrol Cab may seem intimidating at first, but that commanding driving position enhanced by comfortable high seats and plenty of reach and rake in the steering wheel, fine forward visibility and its general effortlessness soon have you feeling at home. Its size may make parking a challenge, but most of the work in a Nissan Navara Cab Chassis will be carried out in some of the remotest parts of the world – and Australia has a few of these spots! It’s no coincidence that the Steve Irwins of this world choose the Patrol as their workhorse.

The basic controls are straightforward and demand little effort. Outback driving is effortless and durable. There are two versions available: the Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis DX, and the Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis ST. The ST is the slightly higher equipped model, boasting things like carpet, bucket seats, cup holders, a centre console with lid, map lights and green tinted glass. However, the DX still boasts some good features. Both models have Moquette cloth trim for the seats, tilt adjustable power steering, air-conditioning, an AM/FM radio/CD, two speakers, large door pockets, a four spoke steering wheel, passenger assist grips and a hard wearing vinyl floor covering.

Recent improvements to the suspension and steering have delivered flatter handling and better steering feedback. Particularly impressive are its resistance to understeer and its body control. The brakes are very good, and they are certainly able to stop this heavy vehicle effectively.

the standard looks of the Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis really makes this  vehicle look more like the nissan patrol safari for the farmer and the real outdoors man; some of the patrol cabs are not only used by private owners, but by government and companies which are in the mining and forestry sector of Australia because of its versatlity it has become a utility truck of large use in the land down under, here are a few examples..

An innovation with the new CU Patrol Cab Chassis lineup is that leaf spring versions actually come with coil front springs to provide outstanding ride comfort, reduced NVH and a small 12.5 metre turning circle.

Nissans still hold their value very well, so buying a good Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis is a very sound proposition economically - better than most other large 4x4s in fact.

the Patrol Cab and Pickup are of the Y61 model of the 6th generation lineup and both use the 6- cylinder TD42 and the more advanced ZD30DDTi Diesel Engines,
TD42T 4.2 Diesel Engine
Nissan ZD30DDTi Diesel Engine 

The 4.2-litre six cylinder turbocharged diesel powerplant gives the Patrol Cab Chassis a distinct performance advantage over key rivals. With 114kW at 3600 rpm and 330Nm at 2000 rpm, the new engine has been developed in response to Australian demands both for towing and other commercial applications.

And the naturally-aspirated diesel engine is more than competitive — 91kW at 4000 rpm and 272Nm at 2000rpm.

in order to get this babies to the country you need to find ways to buy surplus models from the lands down under and have them shipped here in the Philippines, the service and supports are the same as the super safari model and both parts are the same..

I opt to do get one is to buy one from either Australia and South Africa and have it knocked down into container vans and ship down home..

well anyways, here are some pics i've got from Australian car seller sites where there are models of Nissan Patrol Cabs from 2005 to 2007,  they are all for sale and are very juicy picks for high-ranked maritime personnels and Aussie OFW's to bring home.. 

Who wants a 6x6 Patrol Safari? here's one.. 

And for some additional information on the Nissan Patrol Pickup and Patrol Cab here's an online catalouge of the Nissan Patrol Pickup

Nissan Patrol Pickup

Well comrades here in bacolod!  I hope you have seen and learned something new about the Nissan Patrol and that its not only the wagon model that is you can have and that you see Nissan never forgets to put the Nissan Patrol in a good position and work... pity we don't have this model range in our country but the model is built for tropical conditions.. I hope you enjoy with my post.

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