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Behemoth Belorussian Trucks

It reminds me not to park something like this in front of a belarus-made big-rigs like the MZKT 79221 because its driver will think its just a parking bump...

this huge behemoths of apocalyptic proportion are built the Belorussian company Minsk Wheeled tractor plant, located in the outskirts of the city of Minsk in Belarus, The Minsk plant of wheeled tractors was a secret subdivision of MAZ in the Soviet time. Maz built many infamous trucks such as the MAZ-543 which became the MZKT-7313 and the MAZ-543 which both made the USSR infamous because of being 

The infamous and terrorizing MAZ-543
The capable towing vehicle MAZ-537 which became the staple towing vehicle of the USSR and east-bloc countries 
 It is these vehicles that carry missiles in Red Square in days of parades, air defense and other heavy equipment.

 After the USSR collapse the plant became an independent enterprise and now it is under the supervision of the Byelorussian Department of Defense. Today it turns out products of “MZKT Volat” (“Hero”) brand. MZKT trucks are built for mainly for industrial and military grade operations but if I was as rich as Cojuangco, i'd prefer buying dozens of these giants for a  good business instead of buying high-grade Ferrari's of the same price which can do dash around the highway not making good business and when it gets hit by truck as big as an Isuzu elf and gets crumpled; very worthless and such a waste of money, these trucks are of great value to the oil and gas, forestry, mining, hauling and logistics industry and is one of the most sought after vehicles in many CIS armed forces, MZKT and MAZ trucks are made to mount various large artilleries and missiles, when in Hetalia terms; the biggest buyer is mainly Natalya's big brother Ivan, where Ivan prefers mounting mobile ICBM platforms on Natalya's trucks.. 

MZKT 79221

The Pic above shows a freshly made MZKT 79221, it is a 16x16 wheeled tractor and is powered by a Yamz V16 diesel engine and all the wheels are independent and self powered thru low speed hydrodrives located in each wheel, The MZKT-79221 is used as the base transporter-erector launcher of the mobile ICBM “Topol-M” complex. It is sold for 133300 per item in Russia.

To give you an idea of how large the 79221 is, here are some production pics

To give you an idea of how an MZKT 79221 is like in real life here's a video from youtube featuring the Topol-M missile system and how MZKT trucks are used for this artillery system

next the plant also builds an 8x8 model called the MZKT-7930 which is of  the same size of wheels but of less carrying capacity but is more mobile than the MZKT-79221, the 7930 is the grandson of the infamous MAZ-543, and is built for both heavy capacity hauling, and russian armed forces prefer it as a transporter erector for  their "ISKANDER" series of mid-range ballistic missiles.


The 7930 has the same wheel size and diameter and drive system of its grandfather,  the MAZ-543 but the cab configuration and design has been modernized and a range of new upgrades and packages are available.

The engine of the 7930 is also Yamz diesel engine but is a V10 turbocharged diesel type, although smaller than that used in the 79221, it still is capable of driving itself a nominal capacity of more than 200 tons of cargo..

MZKT 7930's ready to receive its cab

A cab of 7930 being test fitted before being installed permanently

Cab Assembly area; an MZKT 7930 gets ready to recieve its cab while a smaller MZKT-7402 has its cab in final assembly
 production shots of MZKT 7930's being assembled

here's a video of the Iskander-M medium range ballistic missile system where you can have the idea of how an MZKT 7390 looks like in real life

The Minsk Tractor plant is an ISO certified company and has many accreditations in various agencies worldwide,  the quality of the vehicles coming from the plant is certified under ISO 9001-2001 and have met German truck standards in quality..

well here are some shots of the people behind the belorussian behemoths..

Some views I would like somehow if given a chance to go to the MZKT Plant in Minsk and or test drive an MZKT tractor

There are some trucks that you may find interesting around their lineup which is very superficial and was limited in production

and the MZKT Volat has quite a significantly good range of trucks and specialized vehicles to suit each customer's need just checkout their lineup..

MZKT trucks and tractors have been designed and built in huge proportions.. no wonder why they have awed so many people not only in the CIS but also around the world,

Well I hope my comrade otakus out there around the world especially here in the Philippines and in Akiba I hope I gave you another in-depth knowledge of the former USSR state of Belarus most popular product.. The MAZ and MZKT Trucks..

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