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PNU Students and other Schoolgirls Posing in front of the Infamous hong thai bus! A Big shame to us!

To the Girls in this picture you think this is funny?? better remember the Chinese and Hong Kong people are getting angry of what you are doing and they are watching you!

Comrades! I don't like the looks of this situation , but it seems This 7 PNU Students are future teachers but look at what they are doing.. BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

I don't know who this 7 Suka shkolʹnits (Bitch Schoolgirls) are; but they are just making the tensions worst over our relationship with our fellow otakus from Hong Kong who is now in a state of disgruntlement with us..

it seems they don't mind what will be the effect of they are doing, but they don't realize the international community is getting upset of what they are doing,

come to mind they just think the whole area is like tourist spot.. shame on them.. im also troubled of what they are doing,

to you girls you know how many countries have issued a travel advisory on us.. if you really are future teachers better think of the nations who gave travel advisories :

-Hong Kong SAR







and the list will become longer because of what you have done!

I would like to call the 7 girls with these russian names: (whoever you are some of the international community and the chinese and hong kong netizens are trying to indentify you girls..); окер девушка, пощечину, огузок член, ебать лица, свиной бабушка, сука государственном колледже, Манила стрелок,

see what they are saying: 


"This is a disgusting photo. Group of students in the disaster scene, taking pictures in front of the bus, some people still laugh."

Have you seen the comments from the Hong Kong nationals? We can't blame them for their strong emotions. The photo above just ignited their anger more..

here are some sample comments:

-成班都係賤人黎架! 個死人總統都一樣啦, 死咁多人仲笑笑口咁....fucking Filipinos!! 抵佢地唔死都一世窮呀!!



a rough translation:

-Into the classes they are all slut Li Jia! A dead president are the same friends, died Ganduo Ren Chung smiled and Link .... fucking Filipinos!! Arrived drainage to not die are poor I, ah!!

- Point of solution into the surface Java vehicle Well Chuli shot guns all died a few home sweep shovel Filipina maid

- You to class woman died Seo Link twist ... .. into the Department of Italian Film coaches shadow slowly move his family survive Rights

Can you stand this comrades?? our country is in bad shape with

here's more despora our dumb-headed schoolgirls from the NCR

And now from another university and with a police officer! hayy ang guwapa pa sana ninyo..
Can we get the names of these babushkas?? este students pala ? Please identify them so we can correct them on their heartless act.

China and Hong Kong SAR Netizens are in a disgruntled feeling on us and we must know something what we call "Sympathy" are this images a sign of Sympathy?? to you girls who are in the picture think again, and to the authorities of the schools and institutions of this "lovely ladies" better think of what this girls are doing to the name of your school and the mark that they will leave to the international community..

To my comrades in Hong Kong i'm very sorry and I apologize for the such ubiquitous scene I have posted, its just a reminder to my fellow Filipinos to be reasonable, and control themselves and know how to deal with situations like these,  especially that there are lives lost during this incident,  and I myself a Filipino condemn the acts this schoolgirls are doing above.. 

to the girls in the pictures; remember they may be hundreds of kilometers away
The Chinese Big Mamas are trying to know who you are and your school..
To any readers who are from PNU (Luzon); Pls report this "lovely ladies" thru your FB Page here

And one thing you should that: ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!