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Moe Haku in Makuhari - Danny Choo

Looks like were in to a wild ride as danny choo takes us to the latest in Itasha designs, held last 2nd-5th of April 2010, Moe Haku featured some of the best design s of Itashas around Japan, not to mention one-of-a-kind modifications on all accessories from stereos down to rims.. check out some of the pics;

just save the best for this BMW..

Vocaloid car!

Mercedes S-Class Itasha

What A van!

just likey this supra!

Miku MX-5 Miata

now this is what you call a stereo system!

really kawaii Daihatsu 

Hatsune miku ElGrand

No car event is complete without girls..

ooo... this is my favorite.. regius/hi ace 

genuine Mini "Scarlet fantasia"

Takamichi RX7
you can see more of this event on Danny's post

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