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Man Diesel trucks and buses in the Philippines

 not for long.. a really good truck comes back to our shores..

Man Diesel trucks and buses are once again on the run of not really dominating the Philippine truck market but to help the Philippines get a more cleaner environment..

with used japanese trucks from the 80's bracket to the early 2000's models dominating the market with their a bit emissions capable engines, the philippines is one of the countries in the asean region still contributing, a large pollution to our region with these said japanese vehicles.

Now meet Man Automotive Concessionaires Corp(MACC)., A subsidiary of MAN Asia pacific and exclusive assembler and used Man trucks dealer in the country (as of this very moment..) is now doing their marketing strategies since 2007 in promoting clean and environmentally friendly trucks and buses, currently MACC has 2 offices in Luzon and Cebu, one in Novaliches and one in Mandaue,

MAN trucks are known and very popular in europe and middle east because of their efficiency,  compatibility and reliability, to the intended markets.

MACC is also now announcing that they are dealing available used trucks of man brand know as Man Topused; which the company claims these used and surplus man trucks are all in top condition and ready for use even though they may slightly cost a bit more than japanese trucks.

Man Trucks being sold in the non-european market today are:


Man TGA Worldwide


currently MAC  has on stock the following models:

6 units of CLA 26.280 6x4
2 units of CLA 16.220 4x2
1 unit of CLA 26.280 Mixer
1 unit of LE12.220 Fire Truck
1 unit of TGA 33.350 Tipper/Dump Truck
1 unit of  TGA 41.400 8x4

here's my opinion on Man trucks (both used and b-new);

- no need for RHD conversion;  man trucks are already LHD from the factory, especially CLA trucks which are made in India and Malaysia,
- environmentally  friendly engines, man engines such as the DO8 are euro 2, 3, 4 compliant, which means this trucks have less impact in the environment.
- more comfortable; this trucks are engineered mostly for driver comfort in mind, man trucks have been designed with comfort in mind by its engineers.
- reliable and durable; as always german technology has this in mind,

- a 2-year warranty in parts, service and related services have been seen a potential

- most likely expensive for mid-ranged truck owners, man trucks may likely be priced a bit expensive than japanese 80's and 90's models ranging from P1.5M to 7M for basic units.

- electronic engines and that "non-madlang mekaniko" serviceability of man trucks will impact its reputation

- sole distributorship of MACC, will likely also be a disadvantge, as to the parts of  TGA and similar trucks are not available in the spare parts market, if MACC will authorize a few spare parts dealers this may change the weather a bit on Man trucks.

currently here are some truck companies in the Philippines using man tga and cla trucks:

Cebu Ace Trucking

City Government of Puerto Princesa

D&L Industries

ITP Trucking & Transport Inc.

MJ Teng Enterprises Inc.

Peaksun Enterprises and Export Corp.

P.S. Valdecantos Enterprises, Inc.

Servic Trading & Hauling Services Corporation

Maximus Trading NTS, Inc.

E.S. Frias Service Specialist Inc.

F. R. Frias Enterprise Inc.

Martinez Carriers

MANPA Transport

Metro Transporters

OMC Carrier, Inc.

Xpressfill Station

Yakal Construction

BNR Construction

anyways; here are some pics from the MACC website which may stir up some of our local truckers;

available units:


OMC tankers



their website is:

hope this post gets you an interest to try purchase a man truck or bus for your business, school or organization..


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