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Kia K2900

The New Kia K2900 is a more later version of the recently popular K2700 series of commercial vehicles, the K2900 is now mostly available in some selected ASEAN countries and Australia.

for 2009 and 2010, the k2900 has exterior improvements such as longer wheelbases, longer chassis, and a new rim design for the tires; here are some more lists of improvements o the k2900:

The 59 per cent power increase means the K2900 now has a top speed of about 140km/h. Torque is up a massive 49 per cent over the predecessor while the engine now uses 10.2l/100km, a 6 per cent reduction compared with the old, less powerful engine.

Range of the "two nine" has now stretched to a possible 637km from the 65-litre tank. Emissions of carbon dioxide are down nearly 5 per cent.

Gross vehicle mass of the truck has been increased to 3290kg. Payload is up to 1740kg (cab/chassis) or 1481kg (factory steel tray). The new tray, with nifty rubber side and rear drop panel protectors, offers 3110mm in length and 1630mm in width with a low deck height of 761mm.

Tandem brake boosters give extra oomph to the front discs and rear drums to cope with the extra gross vehicle mass.

The K2900 comes with standard airconditioning, a single-disc CD player and AM/FM radio, remote central locking, power windows and twin dual pane rear view mirrors.

The drop-down centre seat has a lipped storage tray and twin cup holders for when only two are occupying the three-seat cab.

looks like generally the improvement is good,but the downturn of the K2900 if it may hit the shores of Philippines and if ever bacolod, is its CrDi engine,  many mechanics are still not attuned to the electronic controlled fuel system engines and most likely it may cause its poor sales among other makes. lest well we hope the K2900 gets appreciated by negrenses and bacolodnons.

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