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Diesel powered cars and motorcycles?

Isuzu Gemini 

Royal Einfield Taurus Diesel 
Many people viewing this article may say the pics above especially the diesel bike will say; "your joking right?? A diesel motorcycle??"

But since the last 100 years since Rudolph Diesel developed the humble but astonishing technology of  Compression-ignition, it has changed a lot of things and perspectives, we are able to generate power at very small cost, trucks became more efficient, cars and other vehicles are getting more environmentally friendly and  fuel efficiency in mind is more possible. Although the diesel engine is criticized by its sooty characteristics, but everything has changed since the introduction of the Electronic Fuel injection and Common rail fuel system, which in turn has now helped more in environmental impact. Well here are somethings worth sharing with you otakus out there about diesel; here are some diesel vehicles and brands worth the interest; c'mon lets check them out..

Chrysler Diesel cars 

since the 1950's diesel cars were already a popular fleet vehicles in europe, chrysler being one sold diesel powered cars installed with perkins diesel engines, 

     At left is an original perkins p4c diesel engine, the engine uses an injection pump design called DPA, manufactured by then popular diesel component manufacturer CAV, now part of the Lucas Delphi group, 

Mercedes Benz D series

Mercedes Benz is another noteworthy manufacturer of diesel cars since the end of world war 2, Mercedes diesel sedans have been very popular due to its efficiency, durability and low maintenance, here in the Philippines especially in cities like Bacolod owning a Mercedes even though its a diesel is a prestige as there are only a few people to ever really own a Benz around town, during the 60's, 70's and mid 80's it has become very popular with the bacolod elite, and only a few families here have got their hands on diesel models as to these people have better fuel mileage, economy is in their mind.

  Mercedes diesel cars are installed with 2.5 to 3.0L Daimler OM engines, this engines are built on natural aspirated types and some turbocharged models are available,  the injection pump and fuel systems are ranging from Bosch type P inline pumps to rotary VE pumps,  but most Mercedes with inline pumps are possible for conversion to run on biodiesel, which can be done by installing a heated fuel tank and some minor adjustments on the timing and delivery of the Bosch inline pump, which makes old Mercedes diesel engines the most versatile diesel engine to time.


Isuzu is now the world leader in diesel vehicles following from its production roll off all shapes and sizes of cars, trucks, suv's and special vehicles all powered by diesel engines,

Isuzu has long been also known as one of the world's best maker of diesel engines, and as of now, they continue to revolutionize the diesel world with newer technologies included in their engine line up such as variable turbo, common rail fuel system and so on, Isuzu engines also make a big rough percentage of the jeepeney population in the Philippines and continues to do so.
the newest engine technology by Isuzu is the Isuzu D-Core


Cummins engines are known the world over for reliability, power and steadiness to to work and duty, cummins engines are now being installed in all kinds of vehicles and so on, also cummins engines have come their way into many sectors such as power generation and so on,

One of the most popular and reliable fuel system in the world is Cummin's PT(pressure-time) Fuel system

A large variety of engines, models, types and makes come from cummins installed on US trucks, US pickups, heavy equipment and so on, the world over, cummins is never hardly known,

Detroit Diesel

started in life as the series 71, the detroit diesel engine series has now grown and is installed in almost all installations from vehicle to marine to stationary and industrial duty, the simple, rugged 2-stroke design of the detroit made it possible for it to operate in harsh conditions,  almost all truck manufacturers installs detroit diesel as a standard engine.

today detroit diesel has many engine lineups and are all equipped with advanced diesel technology.

The new series of Detroit Diesel engines include the series 60, MBE and DD series
Diesel Motorcycles

Yes! Diesel Motorcycles truly exists, although only a few people appreciate this one of the kind machine,  especially the military, due to its very reliable and praiseworthy fuel mileage,

the USMC has the M1030M1, which is based on a kawaski model was produced solely for the military purpose

Royal Einfield Bullet Diesel

A brand originally from england, this indian motorcycle has been another key answer to to problems regarding higer gas prices, built from the 1970's well up to 2007, the diesel enfield, can go up to 160 Miles per gallon, well acceleration and speed is not a topic but the torque is good enough, the bike sounds like a yanmar engine, but the unique sound it makes and that very efficient mileage may get you to want one, during this times of crisis.

A 325-350cc model, usually single cylinder

500cc models are often V2 engines 2x 250cc V

well lastly; to keep my comrades entertained here's some videos from youtube  about diesel vehicles;

so to worth mention many brands and manufacturers, but more I can say is the diesel engine will never fade it will just keep running..

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