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new Bordererless TV from LG

all I can say is great!

it seems to be a very new concept in digital media as LG introduced recently its lineup of super thin borderless LCD TV's  this really big and wide super slim TVs can style up any living room with its sleek and comfortable design.

'Borderless' is more about freedom, according to LG, because the range apparently gives owners the freedom to, say, transfer images over Bluetooth.

“You will live better because of the infinite freedoms that the LG borderless TV will give you,” LG said.

The sets are borderless in the physical sense, to an extent. An injection compression moulding process followed by film laminating technology results in glass running right to each model's very edge – much like on some Apple laptops.

But if you thought borderless meant the range can display images to the very edge of the screen – forget that as of now....

LG’s created two versions of the borderless TV: the SL8000 and the SL9000, each with key differences.

For example, the SL9000 boasts a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 100Hz refresh rate. The SL8000, however, only has a 150,000:1 contrast ratio - yet a 200Hz refresh rate.

Both sets display 1080p content and are capable of 24p ‘real cinema’ image reproduction. The SL9000 measures 29mm from front-to-back and the SL8000 45mm, but both have integrated speakers described by LG as “almost” invisible.

This new models from LG borderless TV's will be available after a few months from now in our Local appliance stores nationwide..... 

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