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japanese food machines and more! for newbie bacolod otakus

wanna know how they get fast meals in japan? check this out..
In Japan today most fast food especially based on traditional food stuffs are also available,  the machine above is called a ticket food vending machine and is usually found in front of food shops, 

when you get a ticket you will try foodstuffs like this..

more available in traditional restaurants,

counter foodstuff which can be bought near train stations which are popular in cities in Japan

ready to go meals

check out more this here in danny choo's post

maid cafes

A maid cafe in Akihabara

maid cafes meanwhile are cafes and restaurants are where waitresses and service crews are dressed up in maid costumes.. These establishments also have a complete menu and sometimes feature live entertainment.. others feature even free wifi and internet depending on the establishment's offering, mostly this business caters the otaku field which japan gets a really high income and not to mention a boost in tourism

most maid cafes serve coffee and tea and other sweetstuffs, while other include a wide range of menus which you can choose from, well anyways their target client is no other than otakus. 


similar establishments include the tsundere cafe and the butler cafe which is the opposite of a maid cafe serves a clientèle of mostly female customers. 

A butler cafe

this additional info is for the benefit of our beginner bacolod otaku friends and the bacolod otaku community!

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Kirsty Lea Jeanjaquet said...

How would people react to a maid cafe in bacolod? I'm thinking of setting up one... :)