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Command and Conquer cold war crisis- turn your ordinary cnc generals into something more

hello its time i would like to share something for you command and conquer fans in bacolod something new!

my Russian faction, and my very own SS-20 "Saber" ballistic missile launcher ready for my command to fire its missile.
bored of the usual command and conquer generals zero hour?? well here's a new mod I would like to share to  you guys, its name is command and conquer cold war crisis. its a conversion mod and will change the way you play generals and zero hour. first of all this mod once installed revamps everything in zero hour, and you will get only two factions: US and USSR.  but the gameplay is awesome.

how do you get this?

first of all I want you guys to have a step-by-step procedure on installing this, CWC, is not a full game but an expansion set. and it comes in an installer package that comes from its official website.

1. install command and conquer generals and generals zero hour.

2. if you want to use a cracked software like I have; download the latest cracked version of the game files version 1.8 for generals and version 1.04 for zero hour(usually you can download it from many sources) just Google it.

3. before copying your cracked game files int your installed folder you need to update or patch your generals to the latest version. patching applications can be also downloaded from different sources so just try searching it on Google as "generals ver 1.08 patch and for zero hour; generals zero hour ver 1.04 patch" once you finish downloading the patching software run it and then copy your cracked files to the specified folder.

4. test your zero hour installation if it runs properly. if your patching and  installation is correct your zero hour will run properly.

5. download the Cold War Crisis Installer here at their website: Cold War Crisis official website

6. run and install the installer software for cold war crisis it will extract itself and will install, after the installation, it will ask you if you want to try out the game.

7. enjoy your playing! btw; before playing better read the user guide included in the patch so you can know how the game is played!

NOTE: almost all mods today for generals and zero hour requires you to patch your copy to the latest version known as the "CnC last decade" in order to prevent patch errors and crashes. patches include fixes in graphics and game file bugs of the previous versions.

here are some screenshots of my game! hope you guys like it! I mostly play my favorite faction, the

 T-80s, T-72s, and T-64 and soviet IFV's maneuvering to the battle area, preparing to end the war and claim victory for the USSR, notice the general's powers at my hand; Blackjack guided cruise missile strike, Tupolev TU-95 "bear" bomber unguided missile strike and SU-24 Bomber Squad.

A T-80UK commander tank commander deploys its "refleks" laser designator system
to aid its comrade T-64 and T-80 tank crews in targeting. in the game the USSR
has 4 models of tank available for soviet players; T-64,T-72, T-80U and T-80UK.

2s1 Gzovidka howitzers lay suppression support fire while BM21 grads try knock down enemy positions 

being a hobbyist in studying soviet battle doctrines; cwc really helped me understand
soviet military tactics and techniques. soviets and countries that used their battle doctrine
do not use aircraft as frontal assault but as support; the hulk of soviet assaulting forces uses mostly
long range artillery and guided, unguided and rockets and missiles to initiate an assault on enemies.

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